Friday, May 25, 2012

Tulip: The Little Runaway

I was at the shelter the night Tulip was brought in. A good Samaritan had taken her in after a person in a grocery store parking lot was handing rabbits out to people who passed by. Apparently, all of the rabbits were pretty beaten up. They were being kept apart, so they were fighting and were not being given very good care. The good Samaritan took Tulip and one other rabbit in, in spite of the fact that she already had a few rabbits of her own, and nursed them back to health. After many expensive vet bills and lots of TLC she was able to find a place for Tulip at Red Door.

When Tulip first came in, she was very shy and skittish around people. When I filmed her for her video a few weeks later, she was a different rabbit. She's smart, funny, and totally insane. She would bink a little and chew some hay and suddenly come running towards me and try to climb over me to get out of the pen. Then she'd calm down and I'd pet her for a little while, and just when I'd think she's not even thinking about getting out of the pen, she'd come running up the front of me. Sneaky, sneaky girl. She has a great little face. Her nose makes me think of Cindy Loohoo.

Meet Tulip:


In bonding news, the buns have been doing better. Much less aggression this week. They cuddle in the car more. When they're together in neutral turf, they shove their faces together and try to get the other to groom. No one has a caved so far, but I have hope. They're going to make me work for it, that much is clear, but they will be friends again one day (hopefully soon).

Also, they celebrated their birthday yesterday.

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