Saturday, April 28, 2012

Astaire the Movie Star

         The obvious recently dawned on me and I decided to try putting a blanket in the pen with the next bunny I was going to record. Rabbits can make due on hard wood or tile floors, but they really show their spunk when you give them traction. I have witnessed many bunny 500 and can attest to how hilarious these little guys really are. My guys will run laps in my bedroom and entertain me for hours- seriously hours- who needs cable?

         I hadn't spent much time with Astaire until I made this video, but let me tell you, he is one funny rabbit. Actually let me show you.

Meet Astaire:

I also think their is something to giving the bunnies a wider pen. Given their field of vision, it makes perfect sense that making the pen wider makes them feel free to show their moves. I will definitely be using this tip for future videos.

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