Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old School Ronnie

       Ronnie. is. awesome. Such a cool rabbit. He's had a really rough go of it. He was found in a school yard and has had months of recovering from injuries from animal attacks and other awful things that happen to domestic animals that are "released into the wild". Anyone who uses the sort of logic that leads them to believe it's a good idea to just let your domesticated pet go should not be allowed to own pets, or quite frankly, reproduce, for that matter. How well would you fend if dropped into the middle of a forest with no shelter, food or preparation?

        Anyway, I digress. Ronnie is awesome. Really playful, so lovable. Actually likes to be held. He's not big on being picked up, but once he gets there, he actually enjoys being held. He's the best flopper I know, next to my bunny Swatch (who rolls around on his back like a pig before settling down for the two seconds that he decides to rest).

Meet Ronnie:

I suggest you not walk, but run to the shelter to get him. Seriously- he's the coolest.

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