Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thor the Gladiator

      Thor is one of the cutest rabbits at Red Door currently. He's a hotot which means he's all white with black circles around his eyes. They make him look like a super hero. I wanted to use the old batman theme or Zorro theme, but after filming him, I wasn't sure it would work. Normally he's a thumper and pretty playful. He apparently is not a big fan of being put on the spot, so he was not cooperating for the camera. I discussed this with my boyfriend and showed him a picture of Thor. He immediately said, "Oh, that's easy, just get some gladiator music and put some old gladiator movie clips in with it." Apparently, that was obvious. So I figured out how to download videos from Youtube and add them to iMovie.

Meet Thor:

Once again, I don't mean to demonize Sophie. She's such a cool cat. She's just always there.

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