Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beautiful Beignet

       I had never seen a rex rabbit in person until I started helping at Red Door. Their fur is like the softest velvet you've ever felt. They also have these great angular faces. Beignet is one of my favorite bunnies at the shelter. She's super sweet and loves to be pet. She often reminds me of my departed buddy Kramer. You'll rub her nose and get up to do something else and when you come back she's still holding her head out to be pet, just waiting for you return. 

Meet Beignet: 

I'm not kidding when I call her beautiful. She's a really striking rabbit.

Also, as a side note, Sophie is a really awesome cat. She loves bunnies- or rather bunny stuff. She's become my assistant director for these movies, because she's always up in the bunnies' business.

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